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Landscape Artificial Grass

TropicoLawn™ Landscape Articial Grass is artificial grass manufactured with the highest technology and quality control to achieve a product with high durability and performance. TropicoLawn™ is an eco-friendly product, free of lead and other harmful materials. TropicoLawn™ has a 15-year warranty and a life span of 25 years. TropicoLawn™ reduces maintenance costs allowing you to recover your investment in a short time.


Golf & Putting Green Turf

TropicoGreens™ Putting Green Turf is a low maintenance high quality artificial grass designed specifically to simulate a natural surface. TropicoGreen™ gives an outstanding game experience. Excellent durability and performance to satisfy any golfer.


Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

Play-Grass™ is the preferred artificial grass for playgrounds, due to its flawless appearance and soft cushiony texture. More and more parks, schools, preschools, head starts, daycares, churches and other locations are turning to artificial grass from Play-Grass™ for its safety, ease of maintenance, and cost effectiveness. Play-Grass™ brings the look of nature to your play environment. Play-Grass™ is safe, more comfortable, cleaner and far superior than a rubber playground surface and natural grass.


Made Exclusively For Dogs

DoggieGrass™ is artificial grass made exclusively for dogs. It drains faster than other grasses and has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and the backing. It looks good, it's hygienic, and its soft and comfortable on delicate paws.


Synthetic Sports Turf

ProField™ Synthetic Sports Turf is artificial grass made with the highest technology, quality, durability, performance, free of lead and other harmful ingredients. ProField™ is artificial grass designed exclusively for athletic fields and sport applications. ProField™ exceeds the strictest quality processes and keeps its color and shape for many years. ProField™ reduces maintenance costs while it aids to recover your investment in a short time. ProField™ is comfortable and safe for players and athletes. ProField™ helps endurance and performance.