Measuring Guide

How To Measure Your Project

Before placing your artificial grass order, you should measure the area to be covered. This will ensure that you receive enough artificial grass for your space.

Measuring the area is fairly easy if you have a square or rectangular lawn, as you can easily measure two sides to get the square footage.

If you have an irregularly shaped lawn, draw the shape of your land to scale on a grid.

Using your measuring tape, measure out the width of the area.

Artificial grass rolls are 15 feet wide and can be cut to any width or length.

Create a pattern to suit your design and project.

Measure the length of each piece needed to cover the entire area, in some cases, it may require that you use smaller sections to complete your design, as shown on the image.

Width X Length = Total Square Feet (Divide Total SF by 15 to determine Linear Feet to Order).

Eg: Width: 9' x Length: 75' = Total Square Feet: 675 / 15 = 45 Linear Feet. You need a roll of 15' x 45'.

Remember to add 10% for contingencies.

You can also use our calculator to calculate the approximate surface area.